Deeds’ union goons are back with more big money

A pro-union, anti right to work union PAC, has deposited $25,000 to Creigh Deeds. The group, the United Association, the United Association wants to end right to work laws in the United States. The United Association also supports the federal government takeover of health care, and wants a government ran single payer system. The United Association  also was the first union to endorse Barack Obama for President.

The United Association also has a great Facebook status, that tells why unions are bad:

“RIGHT TO WORK” laws and states do not guarantee workers rights. In fact, by weakening unions and collective bargaining, the law destroys the best job security protection that exists, “THE UNION CONTRACT”. Meanwhile, “RIGHT TO WORK” laws allow workers to pay nothing and enjoy all of the benefits of union membership. Do not be fooled by “RIGHT TO WORK” laws! “AMERICA WORKS BEST WHEN IT WORKS UNION”

The Unions itself says, right to work laws guarantee workers all the advantages of unions and none of the disadvantages of paying a union honcho your hard-earned money, so he can make six figures and donate your hard-earned money to big government Democrats. So in the unions own words, they are bad for workers because just like taxes they take your money from you for nothing that will help you.

Next on the Deeds union watch is his union paid for volunteers and bus they are floating around Virginia in:


Deeds has a lifetime rating of 93.7% from the AFL-CIO, in other words he has voted lock step with union leaders and not Virginia workers. Jim Leaman, Virginia President of the AFL-CIO said this about Deeds ““During his 18 years in the Virginia House of Delegates and in the state Senate, gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds has ‘been with us every step of the way. While Deeds has been with the unions, he has let down Virginia workers, businesses, and helped hurt the Virginia economy. Deeds has gone to far as say this about unions, while accepting the “Legislator of the Year” award from the Building and Construction Trades Council,

“Before I first ran for office, I believed in the power of organized labor; during my 17 years in the legislature, I have stood up for Virginia’s working families. And, when I’m Governor, you won’t just have a friend in Richmond-you’ll have a partner.”

Deeds being a partner to unions is elected governor will destroy the economy and lead to much higher unemployment, add in Deeds planned tax increases, unemployment would double or triple. Deeds also supports the Employee Free Choice Act, which will take a secret ballot away from workers and strengthen unions power and hurt workers. Deeds was endorsed by progressive Democrat group, 21st Century Democrats because of his support for The Employee Free Choice Act.

Deeds has even gone sar far to show his unity with big labor, that he has walked picket lines with them.


Creigh Deeds a friend of big labor, big taxes, big government and not workers or taxpayers. Deeds is bad for Virginia’s workers and will destroy the pro business atmosphere that the state now has. Deeds will also attempt to end Virginia’s right to work laws, which if changed would allow unemployment to skyrocket.

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  1. View the change in Virginia Unemployment Trends over the last six months using Heat Maps:
    Virginia Unemployment this month (BLS data):
    versus Virginia Unemployment levels six months ago:

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